5 signs that your battery is deteriorated and should be replaced as soon as possible!


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5 signs that your battery is deteriorated and should be replaced as soon as possible!

Deteriorated battery, a problem that bugs both your time and wallet

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Let’s check out the 5 signs of battery deterioration in order to prevent the damage before it causes you a big trouble!

1. The engine becomes difficult to start

If you have parked your car for a long time without driving or starting the car at all, and you haven’t replaced the battery at a recommended period of time, the battery will deteriorate from a lack of accumulating charge. As a result, your car will struggle to start or not start at all. If there isn’t any warning light showing on the dial at all, try jump starting with another car or replace the battery ASAP!

2. The car lights dim

If you've been using the car for a while and notice that the headlights, turn signals, taillights and lights in other positions are becoming weaker and not as bright as they used to be, making driving difficult especially at night and when it rains, it may be due to insufficient battery power. Therefore, you should check the voltage of the battery and have it fixed immediately to prevent possible accidents.

3. The horn is not as loud

When the battery deteriorates, it results in a malfunction of the car's electrical system, making the horn sound not as loud as usual.

4. Electric windows move slowly 

If your car's windows start to roll down or up slowly, stutter, or do not work at all, or you may notice a weird noise of the electric motor working, that may be because of the low battery power.

5. Old battery that has been in use for a long time

We can initially perform a self-check from the appearance of the battery or checking the label or number indicating the date of first use of the battery. The battery life depends on how often you have used your car as well. If the car is parked for a long period of time without being used or started at all, the battery life would be shorter than a car that is used regularly.


You should always observe whether your car shows any malfunctions similar to these 5 signs or not. Also, always check the voltage of the battery and the level of the battery fluid. Make sure it is within the normal range since leaving the battery fluid dries up will cause the battery to deteriorate faster.

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